Equestrian Team Design

The Diamond weaving
pattern, represents the aerial view of an Equestrian horse route.

The Diamonds "jumping" over Diamonds in four places represent a horse jumping obstacles.

 The red, white and blue colors are to inspire our Olympic riders.
Dedicated to: Gene Mische

       Worn By:
Debbie McDonald Dressage    
Courtney King Dressage    
Anne Kursinski Jumper    
Beezie Madden Jumper    
McLain Ward Jumper    
Laura Kraut Jumper    
Kate Levy Jumper    
Nicole Shanian Simp Jumper    
Georgina Bloomberg Jumper    
Kathy Bellissimo Jumper    
Jane Thomas Dressage    


        Available In: Necklace and Earrings and Lapel Pin.

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